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Hare Krishna! Welcome to FOLKNet

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darshanApril 16, 2014 - Click on the image to have darshan of Sri Sri Radha Krishna-chandra at ISKCON Bangalore.

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Sastracaksusa Shastra-cakshusha – The Ultimate Answers

Why did Lord Krishna encourage Arjuna to fight with his own kin?

SriRamanavami Sri Mula Rama
Pastime of Lord Rama narrated by Srila Prabhupada...Click here to listen

GayGaura Lord Chaitanya: The Golden Avatara
There are many evidences in Vedic literature that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is an incarnation of Krishna, and this is confirmed by scholars and devotees.
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Sricaitanya Sri Gaura Purnima Festival Lecture
Lecture by Srila Prabhupada on the occasion of the appearance day of Lord Chaitanya.
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Sripancatattva Pancha-Tattva - Lord Chaitanya in Five Features
The supreme energetic, the Personality of Godhead, manifesting in order to enjoy five kinds of pastimes, appears as the members of the Pancha-tattva.
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gitamahatmya Worshipping the Bhagavata
Lord Shiva's supreme instructions to mother Parvati.
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