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Manage the MEN within

Once an interviewer asked a candidate for the post of a manager if he can manage a 100 people? The reply was in the affirmative. Next question? Can you wake up at 4am every day?
No. Not selected.
The interviewer argued that if he cannot manage himself, how can he manage even a dozen people? Manage the men within before you manage other men.


Self Management- The Key to Happiness

Practice makes man perfect

Flying is a tough job. Especially when you are learning. A baby Eagle falls many times while trying to fly. After rigorous practice, the Eagle becomes so adept at flying that it can pick a fish from the abyss of a pond diving straight from the skies. Practice can create any miracle.


Self Management- The Key to Happiness

The fountain head of relationships

The fountain head of relationships
Amidst all the fleeting relationships that we encounter, one stands out without any deterrence. The relation with the Absolute Truth.
What is our real relationship with our original source? Why has he created us? How can I revive that sacred relationship?


Relationships – The Foundation of Happiness

The Boat, the breeze
and the captain

Without these 3,the boat cannot move. Who are they? Who is driving the boat? What is the wind that is flowing in the same direction as our destination? And most importantly, who is the Captain who had to navigate the boat in the right direction despite any deviation?


Relationships – The Foundation of Happiness

Yoga for modern age

While most of us have seen what is Yoga on the TV, and some have tried it also, little so we know if it has had any effect on us. Yoga is taught contextually not as a session. In today's age, practicing yoga has taken a simple shape that can be practiced by any one without any prerequisite or arduous struggle.


Yoga- The root of all happiness

Perfecting the yoga

The Goal of Yoga is not physical fitness as is generally misconstrued. Perfection of Yoga entails understanding the link between the soul and the Absolute reality. When that link is established, we are reinstated in our original blissful position, oblivious to any tabernacle around us.


Yoga- The root of all happiness

Power of choice

Left our Right?
You have a choice. Imagine if there was only one direction to go, no choices in our life, how suffocating it will become! Fortunately we have choices to make. However, many of the friends we take, we don't know we've the road leads to, we simply go because others are going too.
What's the right choice for you? How to develop this wisdom?


Karma – The mystery of happiness

Power to change

Oh its all in the fate! No one can change it. Yes you can. Fate is not hard coded. It is written by you. The moment you discover the script, you can change it as you wish. You are the Master of you own Destiny.


Karma – The mystery of happiness

Eat Right look Bright

What happens when you use some 3rd grade cement to build a house? It will collapse pretty soon. Do you know what builds your body?
The food that goes into our system creates our body tissues. What you feed reflects in your persona. Look healthy and bright by understanding the Vedic system of nutrition.


Diet for happiness

Food for the soul

You are riding a car. Tank is full. You always keep it full. But you have not fed yourself. Although you are hungry, you think that keeping the car tank full is more important. Eventually you die out of starvation.
We may feed our body with all the sensual necessities. But if the soul is hungry, what's the point in feeding anything else?


Diet for happiness

The principles of freedom

Regulation creates a sense of bondage. We feel that to be really free is to be able to do anything we like. But it's counter productive. Is real freedom equal to struggling for money to collect a grain of drugs, or a pour of cigarette when you are vigorously coughing? Discover the real principles of Freedom.


Habits for Happiness

Anatomy of Habits

Habits die hard. But they are ready to give up too. Lack of knowledge makes us believe that Habits cannot be given up at all. Not true. Analyse the anatomy of Habits and you will realise how easy it is to connect our free yourself from a habit.


Habits for Happiness