DOING common things uncommonly well,
brings success.

Life is a camera. You can only capture what you focus.

In our pursuit of success, more often than not – we become BUSY instead of being PRODUCTIVE. What differentiates the two from one another? It is FOCUS, or the art of holding undivided attention on your work and deflecting your distractions. As Bruce Lee said, The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

Get to learn simple techniques to sharpen your focus.

“Success is the sum of efforts repeated day in and day out”

A plan without a goal is just a wish

How is it like to play a game of football without having goalposts? Quite imperceptible. Goals encourage focus and provide us the inspiration and the directionality in our path to success. Setting goals is a statement that we refuse to be ordinary. Goals help us measure our endeavors, and ‘what gets measured gets improved.
Use goal-setting to proactively and productively trace your efforts.

Cosmic Engineering

Discover the intelligent design-er

Purposelessness is the biggest tragedy to success.
If focus can be compared to the vehicle, the goal to the destination, then purpose is the fuel that drives one to the goal. Is there an embedded purpose in the cosmos that can reconcile all our goals and help us experience everlasting success and find meaning in life?

Explore an analytical perspective to uncover the universal principle of purpose.

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Enhance your efficiency

Unlock the door to Success

Set and Achieve your Goals effectively

Learn the intricate factors of action and result

Happy Attendees
The presentations were very practical yet powerful. I felt that these seminars were handcrafted specially for us, keeping the interests of the students in mind.
Rahul Sirohi

MBA, IIM Indore

This program helped me internalize simple principles to deal with distractions and improve my concentration during studies.
Aravind Kukkila

BE, RVCE Bangalore

I realized the importance of setting goals in this workshop, and have now been able to optimally channelize my efforts towards scoring high in exams
Kishan Raghavan

MTech, IIT Delhi


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