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A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.

-Will Rogers

Benefits of Residency Stay

Sattvic living provides an all-inclusive growth- Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, Stay with Gentle persons

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What do the Residents say?

“I finally found friends who want to live a more meaningful and sublime life

-Madan MR ”

Live in a sacred atmosphere. FOLK Residency is a perfect place to stay for those who want to live close to their Self, close to their Heart.


Live in a Pristine Environment


Stay with Like-Minded Persons


Keep away from unhealthy habits


Savor Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious Food


Make your Life Meaningful


Nutritious Meal

The Food you consume should purify your existence. Delight the carefully selected vegetarian cuisine, blending taste and health.

Proximity to work

The Residencies are located strategically to curtail the travel needs of the residents Avoid going overboard in traffic, and its Hazards.

Progressive Association

The Wisest choice you can make in your life is to – Choose your association. Get to stay with positive minded progressive individuals.

Inclusive Infra Team

You pay the rent, leave the rest to us. Powered by a team of professional maintenance experts, you will never face issues in your stay.

Life = LifeStyle. Period.

The way we live defines our personality. Unless enforced, or unless someone is heavily self-driven, the natural lifestyle a youngster lives is adorned with clumsiness. If our surroundings are neat, our mind will also function in an organized fashion.

At the Residency, the residents are trained to culture a refined ambience, notwithstanding their past. The mind is trained to gain sensitivity to cleanliness; both of the surroundings and the mind. Hygiene, health and spiritual progress emerge as a natural effect. One can actualize endless rewards of immaculate dwelling and a pristine heart.

Sanctified Mornings

Wake up to the sweet sounds of the sacred instruments every morning at the residency. The potent moments leading to the dawn create a spiritual atmosphere that is highly conducive to a bright day ahead.

Studies show that meditating in the morning hours creates all-round fitness.

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What Residents Say

A real Home away from Home. I had my concerns to stay in Bangalore amidst new people, not because they were bad, but I knew I would absorb their perceptions inadvertently. Now I feel safe at my new home- the FOLK residency, which has given me companions who help me grow in all aspects.

– Saurav Singh, Engineer at Wipro,

[Resident of ITPL FOLK Residency]

Benefits of Good Association

When one associates or dwells with new friends, one is dragged involuntarily to adopt their lifestyle, language, and mindset, absorb their habits, at times bad ones too. When the same association is directed towards the swan like saintly persons, one will beam with spiritual radiance and will bloom like a lotus. Get a unique opportunity at the FOLK Residency to live with broad-minded individuals with high goals in life.

Fees and Policies

At FOLK Residency, we have established a uniform decorum in order to ensure a smooth order for all the residents.

We have hence framed certain policies that apply to all the residents and thereby ensure mutual cohesive environment at the residency.

The following document will help you understand the basic principles of residency dwelling.

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Get Set for an Exciting Journey.

Contact our Residency coordinator and visit the nearest residency NOW !

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